6th Grade Homeschool Curriculum 2019-2020

6th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

It’s now November, so we are well into my youngest’s 6th grade year. I wanted to share our choices of curriculum this year. He completes math, language, reading, bible, and history daily. Science is his favorite (along with bible), but we don’t always get to it on a daily basis.

Bible, Language, Math, & Reading

We have used Christian Light Education since we began homeschooling 4 years ago. It was kind of a fluke that I found this company while researching homeschool curriculum while my boys were still in public school. I happened to read a comment about CLE in a homeschool Facebook group. I liked that it was described as affordable and thorough. After looking at examples online we decided to try it. My boys have both done very well with this curriculum since we began our homeschool journey. My oldest began using it in 6th grade and my youngest in 3rd grade. It is a solid curriculum and we have not strayed from it. This curriculum comes as workbooks which are called “light units”. Most of the subjects contain 10 light units, which lasts the entire year. Some of the subjects, such as the upper elementary reading, are only 5 light units. We are using CLE for bible, language, math, and reading again this year. We have used these four subjects since we began homeschooling. This year his reading is only 5 light units so we do 3 lessons one week then 2 lessons the next. Every 5th lesson is usually a quiz until we get to the end of the light unit. Before the unit test there is a self check which covers the entire light unit. This is an awesome open and go curriculum. It fosters independent work even in the early years.


We are using Uncle Sam and You by Notgrass for history this year. When we began the year, I would read the chapter with him and he would complete the activity in his workbook. After a few weeks he started doing it all on his own. He is enjoying learning about the government and civics. I miss reading it with him now that he is doing it all on his own.


Science is a favorite subject of my 6th grader. We began Apologia Botany this past spring after he completed Zoology 3, Land Animals. Botany did not get finished and we picked up with it this fall, but decided to switch to Zoology 2. We will try to come back to Botany again next spring. The zoology books have been his favorites. I also purchased the audio CDs to go along with the books. The notebook is a great addition to this curriculum. We do not complete every single page, but I like that it is adaptable to our needs. He loves learning about animals and when I get a chance to listen with him, I’m amazed at all the information.


Both of my boys take taekwondo (my oldest is a 2nd degree black belt and youngest a 1st degree black belt) so we use that as our PE. My youngest also plays Upward basketball at our church. We also do some art although it is not even a weekly subject. Typing is also done, but not on a regular basis. I am very happy with our choices this year. All of these subjects are working well for my 6th grader and he is learning so much.  

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